It's that time of the year again....Back To School!

Drivers are always warned at this time of the year to pay extra attention in school zones because the kids are headed back to school and with their excitement they may not be as attentive to the vehicles around them. That's great, I get that. What I don't get is the parents who do these two things:

1) They park in the shopping mall across the street from the school, and instead of walking 30 meters to the 4 way stop sign where the crossing patrols are, and they proceed to jet out into traffic with (and sometimes without) their children.

2) They park in front of the school and blindly open their car doors into traffic.

Having had two children who were school crossing guards, I know the schools try very hard to educate the children (our children) on the importance of crossing the road safely, only to have parents j-walk into traffic.

Kids are sponges, especially the young ones, they will model the behaviour. If you j-walk with them, you can bet they will j-walk when you aren't around. The scariest part about that is they are much smaller and may not be seen by a motorist.

Parents need to start practising what they preach. The extra minute it would take them to cross the street safely, and legally, at the corner, is not worth the risk of an accident happening. I am pretty sure if you asked a parent whose child has been hit by a motorist they would tell you to take the extra minute!

Judging by my rant, you may have guessed that I live close to an elementary school. Drivers, parents, educators and administrators need to take a stance on this unnecessary danger to our children...please join me. If you have seen this type of behaviour, and have had concerns, please contact the school administration and let them know you have a problem with it.

I just did...