Sometimes it is important to walk a mile in the shoes of someone else before you can truly appreciate who they are and what they do.

When a client hires me as their REALTOR® I feel tremendously honored. As their agent, I am responsible for finding them, not just a house but, a home. For some it will be a place where they will start their family. It will be the place where they watch their children take their first steps in the living room; where they will watch their daughter come down the stairs in her prom gown; where they might host a rehearsal dinner before their child’s marriage, and so on. It may also be the place that they have called home for decades, and circumstances now require them to sell.

It is so often an emotional time for my clients, and I am happy to share in their joys. As days and years past, a story is being written, it is the story of our life. It gives me great satisfaction to be included in the next chapter of their lives. The time we spend together on their journey touches my soul. Every morning when I start my day I am unemployed! Given the chance, I wouldn't change a thing. I love what I do and I love the people I have the pleasure of working with.

To all my clients Past, Present and Future...THANK YOU!!