Pets...should they stay or should they go now!?!

I’m sorry pet-lovers...but they have to go!

With so many people experiencing an increase in sensitivities to pet dander & really odours (fragrances) of any kind, it’s just best to remove them from the property for showings (at least) and if possible for the whole time the house is being shown to potential buyers.

Litter boxes, aquariums, rodents of any kind (I don’t care how cute they are), lizards/reptiles ....well, to be honest...they all just stink!

I know there is some scientific research out there that states that people often make decisions with their noses... but really think about yourself... you are invited to a fancy dinner party at a local restaurant...this place is new...everyone is excited to go’re dressed up, chatting happily with your dinner companions as you approach the front door....suddenly you catch a whiff of the dumpster in the next alley...foul! You didn’t even need to see the dumpster to know exactly what it looks like and how full of foul-smelling refuse it is. Now, you will probably still go into the restaurant and enjoy the meal but really was your experience tainted just a little? Depending on how sensitive you may not have been able to get past that initial impression on your nose. House hunting is the same way for buyers...they are sensitive to any issue that might put them off your home....don’t give them an excuse to stop at the front door and not go further.


Side note...this also applies to smoking in the are not fooling anybody by smoking in the garage...and please don’t try to hide odours with air fresheners...that makes buyers even more suspicious. As you are preparing your home for sale, stop smoking anywhere near your house...have a non-smoking friend visit and be brutally honest with you about lingering odours. I know this sounds harsh but a home I recently listed had 1 (just 1) smoker. She only smoked on the front porch and in one back bedroom. We had 20 showings...not one of them offered on this home and their reason? Every single one of them claimed the cigarette smoke was too much to get past. Now you and I know that an easy solution to this problem can be found in a bottle of cleaner or a new coat of paint....but it stopped buyers at the front door...don’t let this happen to you.