Playoffs are unlikely!

With only 5 regular season games left, the chance of Winnipeg Jets making the playoffs seems unlikely, but is not completely impossible. Winnipeg fans need the stars and the moons to align perfectly, that is probably not going to happen though. Things could be worse for Winnipeg fans, last year we didn't even have a team to cheer on.

Whether the Winnipeg Jets make the playoffs or not, one thing is for sure, the return of the NHL to Winnipeg has been amazing. The city has been booming with excitement. Fans in Winnipeg will never be accused of being quiet. Before the puck drops in Winnipeg on game night, fans are cheering loudly for their team. Being a part of the crowd is electric, I still get goosebumps and feel a huge sense of pride (and patriotism) when our fans shout "True North" during the national anthem. As a city, we cheered when old members of the Winnipeg Jets played in our building, Selanne's return to Winnipeg was a great example.


I was unable to get season tickets this year, but have my fingers crossed for next year. I did mange to take in a half dozen games, I felt like a kid in a candy store, so excited, by far the highlight was seeing the looks on the childrens faces when they attended their very first NHL game!

The biggest winners in the return of the NHL to Winnipeg are the local children's charities who will receive some of the $2.1 Million that the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation has raised so far! Thank you to True North Sports and Entertainment for bringing so much life back to our city!!!

From a grateful Winnipeg Jets Fan :)