Real Estate As Seen on TV


I was sitting at an open house a few weeks ago, talking to a senior couple about selling their house and buying another.  One of them commented on what she had seen on one of the TV Real Estate shows.

I was asked just how real these shows are.  The answer is simple.  For the most part, they are not.  They are well rehearsed Reality TV shows.  How many times have you heard the same comments from the buyers as they look at only 3 houses before they make their decision?  In every episode you hear the comment about closet space being only for her clothes and the guy wondering where his will go, or where she’s going to put her shoes.  One of my favorites is when a young couple with no kids walk into a 2000 plus square foot, open concept home and comment that it seems a little small.  Another one that I liked was the Los Angeles agent who carried his small dog in his briefcase to help him close the deal.

Reality TV REALTORS discuss offers with their clients over a coffee and without any documentation go call the sellers’ agent and make a deal.  Real Estate offers are serious business and are carefully written up by your REALTOR.  Once accepted, they become a legally binding contract. 

I was also asked about Home Inspections.  Home Inspections are a great thing to have if you have any doubts about the condition of the home which you are buying.  Unfortunately, many people forego the inspection when facing a multiple offer situation.  Home Inspectors on one TV show are often portrayed as incompetent.  The TV inspector comes along and breaks out drywall, tears up flooring and concrete driveways uncovering all sorts of hidden defects which could cause the house to come crashing down at any moment.  I often wonder who pays for all this.  In reality this does not happen.  Home inspectors do a very thorough inspection of things in and around the home that they can see.  They are well trained to look for the signs that something might be amiss.  They will spot signs of leakage, mold, wiring and plumbing issues etc.  It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.  If you are selling it may be a good idea to have a reputable home inspector go through the house prior to going to market.  Repair any obvious deficiencies and make the inspection available for viewing by prospective buyers.  It might just get you higher offer for your home. 

The Spring market is just starting to heat up.  More and more listings are appearing on MLS every day.  It’s a great time to get into the market while inventory is still low.  As always, if you’d like me to have a look and give you a free evaluation or have any questions you need answered I’m waiting for your call.