Real Estate as seen on TV part 2

Real Estate as seen on TV part 2.

OK, I know I wrote about this a few months ago but I can’t help watching these TV Real Estate shows. So, once again I need to comment on what’s real and what’s a bit beyond belief.  Case in point is one of the renovate and flip couples from California.  Every week they go to an auction and bid on a property that they have not had time to see and over the next hour face crisis after crisis always complaining on how “ if this goes wrong, we’ll lose everything”  You’d think by now they’d have figured it  out and gotten real jobs or stop whining.  It really gets to me when the investor who is financing the project comes in and tells them to hurry and get the job done because he needs his money back.  Most flips, in reality, don’t get done in 10 days.  So if you can’t tie up the cash for six months or more, find a new form of investment. In the end, they all profit a hundred grand anyway and if you tune in next week they’ll do it all over again.  

Another of my other favorites is the show about the agents in New York selling the multi-million dollar condos.  I’d love the opportunity to make $200,000.00 commission on one deal.  Condo in St. Vital anyone?  It’ll be UNDER $20 million.

I have to say, there is one I really like.  The young lady flips older homes in St. Paul Minnesota.  Her renovations of hundred year old Minnesota houses are a bit more realistic and not unlike the housing stock we see in some areas of Winnipeg.  It’s not all granite and $40.00 per square foot tiles.  She actually re-purposes a lot of things that the other renovators would consider junk.  What makes it even more interesting for me is that my son just bought a 104 year old house in Norwood that we are going through.  I find we are facing a lot of the same things she is, like stone foundations, knob & tube wiring etc.  And yes, we have shopped at the RE-Store for some of our materials. My son’s a computer network guy, so guess who’s doing most of the hands-on work.  But then who better than me?  After all, I’ve learned a lot from watching reality TV because as we all know, it’s REAL. 

Whether you want a new place, a house to flip or just want to sell your home I’d love to represent you.  I will work in any area of the city.  Once again, if you have any questions or want an evaluation call me.  Evaluations are free and no obligation, always.  I’m waiting for your call.