Selling Your Home on First Impressions

So you’ve decided to sell your home, now you have to ensure it makes a good first impression. Many house-hunters make up their minds about a home before they even enter it. Your new modern kitchen and luxurious bathroom don’t get you far if potential home buyers don’t make it through the front door. Your home needs curb appeal.

Take a step back and view your home from a buyer’s perspective. Does the lawn look well maintained? Is there any clutter in the yard, peeling paint, rusty fixtures, visible grime on the home? Is the home inviting? There are a number of affordable ways to make your home more presentable.

1) Make your front door pop. Your home’s front entry is its focal point. Paint the door a bold color (such as red or yellow), polish the fixtures, and clean any dirty spots around the door knob.

2) Update your garage door. Garage doors, like your front door, are a front entry focal point. Give it a fresh coat of paint or replace it if old and worn out.

3) Add ambiance with light fixtures. An illuminated walkway can be very inviting. Lights can also be used to accent your home and attract potential buyers who happen to be passing by in the evening.

4) Flowers add instant aesthetic beauty and color. Choose a simple color palette. Pinks and purples are calming and make the home appear cooler in the summer. Renew any existing planter beds by removing weeds and dead flowers.

5) Mow, trim, prune and weed. Check the condition of your yard and shrubs. A well cared for yard sends the positive message to the buyer that the whole house must be cared for.

6) Give your fence a little TLC. Your fence spans a large section of your property. Is paint peeling off the wood or are sections missing? Semitransparent paint is a great way to cover stains and repairs. Check for rust in chain link fences. You may not notice these areas anymore, but a potential buyer will.

7) Rent a pressure washer. Do you have any mold on your mailbox or mildew on the siding of your home? A pressure washer can also be used to refresh your drive/walkway, stairs, patio, deck etc. While you’re cleaning, it wouldn’t hurt to check the gutters and remove any leaves and sticks as well.