So you've decided to sell....

So you’ve decided to sell……
by Maurice Allard, Century 21

If you’ve finally made the decision to sell, whether to downsize, move into a condo or leave town for that island get-away, you need to start getting your house fit to sell.  Making it more appealing to prospective buyers can mean a quicker sale for more money.

Buyers want to see your house, not your stuff.  They want to be able to imagine how their furnishings would look in your home.  There’s no bigger turn-off than walking into a house which looks like it will be in the next episode of Hoarders.  My premise is that you’re moving anyway so why not pack it.  Get down to basics.  You want to display minimal furnishings, ornaments and wall hangings.  You need to de-personalize the rooms, which means, removing and packing your personal photos and valuables.  Buyers don’t need to know what you or your grand-children look like.  Now might be the time for a massive moving sale or to load up the pick-up and make a donation to a local charity.  I always prefer to see neatly stacked boxes in the garage or as an alternative, storage lockers can also be rented on a short time basis to store things you can’t live without.

Keep it clean.  Make the beds and pick up the laundry.  Make sure the sinks are not full of dirty dishes.  Your kitchen and bathroom can mean the difference between selling or not, so make sure they are de-cluttered and clean.

There is no need to renovate.  Spending money on the kitchen or bathroom renovation may be a waste of money.  The buyer’s taste could be quite different from yours and the reno not appreciated.  If the rooms need renovation, price the home accordingly.  However, paint is in-expensive and it can make your home look great and smell nice.  Keep to light, neutral tones…yes put away the red!

If you need help, there are de-cluttering services, moving and storage facilities and hundreds of tradespeople available to help. 

As always, I am available for your questions, or to provide you with a free, no obligation, evaluation of your property.  I can provide you with an opinion of what to do or not do to get the house ready for sale I’m waiting for your call.