The Importance of Pre-Screening Tenants

Many landlords think that getting the right price for a revenue unit is the primary goal when purchasing revenue properties. The most important factor in making a rental work is to aquire tenants whom treat units as their own. No matter how much money is being collected one bad tenant can wreak havoc on anyones investment goals and dreams. In our experience, we often decide to offer price discounts to applicants whom we think would be a perfect fit for the property. In the end, a tenant taking care of the unit and planning on staying in the unit for some time will result in economic benefits. We have developed procedures over the years to help our clients assure they get the best tenants and are happy to help our clients with any questions they may have. The tips and tricks we have developed come from our own experience, both positive and negative, and if you would like to learn more on this very important topic please feel free to call our team.