Things to look for when buying a home.

If you are looking to buy a home there are certain things that you should look for when viewing the home. 

  • Check the taps in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry to check the water pressure, performance and drainage. You could even leave the tap running for a minute and it can't hurt to drink the water for a taste test.
  • Check the hot water tank. Is it big enough for your needs? How old is it ?  Also check for leaks & rust. 
  • Good insulation can save hundreds on heating and cooling bills. A quick look in the attic should give you some idea of its condition. 
  • Are there major cracks in the walls or do the doors stick? This can be a sign of shifting. This can be an  expensive problem to fix. 

  • Check for dampness. Feel the walls and look for signs of peeling or bubbling paint and watermarks. Look for mould or you can usually smell if the area is damp.
  • Bathrooms often have mould. Mould can't just be painted over. A serious problem will usually involve installing a new ceiling/wall and better ventilation.
  • Check all the windows. Do they open and slide easily? How old are they?

  • Good storage, like built-ins and sheds, can save you over time whereas a lack of storage is bound to cost.


  • Check that the toilet is on the same level as the bedrooms for easy access. If it is a two-storey house, it is nice to have a toilet on both levels.
  • Check the location of bedrooms. Parents often want children to be on the same level as them.
  • Old-fashioned electricity switches can point to old wiring.

  • Visit the house on a rainy day to check for leaky rooves, walls or ceilings.
  • Are there cracked tiles or loose grout in the bathroom or kitchen?

  • If you intend renovating, check to see if there are floorboards under old carpets, and their condition. People sometimes do insane, cheap things like staple the carpet to the floor and use industrial glue for their tiles. Both these things will add significant expense and time to floor polishing costs. Carpet should be easy to raise without many rusted nails or staples. When checking under flooring please do not ruin the flooring, the easiest way to check is to take out the vent covers and look that way. if you still arent sure what is underneath then please ask the owner.
  • Does the house have central heating or air conditioning? If so, how old are they? Check to make sure they are functioning well.



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