Trying to determine your next step?

We are very pleased to announce that Tracey Anderson and Brianne O’Neill of Your Way Home Team/Gerry Carriere and Associates have recently achieved the Senior Real Estate Specialist® designation. The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) help REALTORS® have the skills and resources for specialization in the 50+ real estate market by expanding knowledge of how life stages impact real estate choices, connecting to a network of resources, and fostering relationships with clients and customers.  They have the knowledge to counsel clients with major financial and lifestyle changes, involved in relocating, refinancing, or selling family home.  There are currently 4 generations of home buyers, Millennials , Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Matures.
Often, the spacious family home becomes too burdensome, financially and physically, to maintain or you may want the freedom to travel without worry.  Tracey and Brianne can consult with you to review your current housing situation and outline the topics to weigh as you consider your next move. They can provide information on 50+ housing trends, financing and market conditions.
There are a complex set of decisions relating to finances, housing locations and property types, as well as anticipating future needs as you or your loved ones age. Maybe you are thinking of selling your home to move to a senior supportive environment? Or perhaps to move in with an adult son or daughter who can help with your needs as you grow older?  Whatever the reason, there may come a time when parents, along with their adult children, consider selling and moving on.
We are developing a team of experts to help you with every step while you're exploring your options and determining the very best place to call home.

Call Tracey or Brianne today to discuss your furture!

*information gathered from National Axxociation of Realtors & SRES Designation Course