How much is a house worth?  Well, that is the question, isn't it?  Is it worth the list price?  Less?  Could it be worth more than list price?  

With multiple offer situations we have seen houses going for more, and sometimes considerably more, than list price.  Other homes sit on the market for a longer time and sell for less than asking or expire.  How is best to determine the value of the homes you are looking at?  Ask your REALTOR®.  There are different strategies for pricing a home.  Some will price the home high to "test" the market, others want a quick sale and will set a lower price, and any place in between.  Once you have asked your REALTOR® what they think the value is - TRUST them.  They are working for you, with your best interest in mind.  They will help guide you into the right price for the home you are interested in.