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I've spent almost the entirety of my working life in one area of service or another... From early beginnings as a Babysitter, to Chambermaid, to Waitress, to Bartender, to Senior Management in the Not for profit sector, to teaching yoga and now... as a Realtor. And although the range of service and the needs/interests of those whom I have served vary widely, two things remain the same:

  1. Everyone wants and deserves to be treated with kindness, honesty, respect, understanding and integrity.
  2. Everyone, regardless of background or life circumstance is seeking and deserving of happiness and peace of mind.

Through my professional experience, I have realized that whether I'm changing bedsheets as a chambermaid, serving tables as a server, training staff as a manager, sharing yoga as a yoga teacher or helping people buy and sell homes, I am in a position to treat people in a way that helps them feel better.I have been given the opportunity to connect with, listen to, understand and empower people. 

I don't take this responsibility lightly.

I just helped close a sale for an incredible couple; first time home buyers who put their trust in me, a new Realtor. This was a very special and meaningful experience for all of us. I learned a tremendous amount about the intricacies of buying a home and the process of completing a sale and I believe I earned their trust and demonstrated that I was always working with their best interest in mind.

Seeing the smiles on their faces and the excitement in their eyes made every late night and every piece of paperwork absolutely beyond worthwhile. In that moment, after viewing a multitude of properties, when we walked into what would be the final house, I could  feel and see in them that THIS was their HOME. Not just a property, but a home...

In that moment, I knew - this is exactly where I need to be. Helping bring people home, while also helping set people free. I felt and continue to feel a deep level of gratitude. Gratitude for their trust and the trust of many future home buyers and sellers. Gratitude for the support of an incredible team of people working to help and see me succeed. And gratitude for the freedom to build, grow and create a career that is based on what EVERYONE wants and deserves: kindness, honesty, respect, understanding and integrity.

Thank you, new home buyers, thank you team and thank you to all of my future clients/friends. I am so honoured to have the opportunity to walk and work with you.



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