Baby .... It's Cold Outside!

Here we are, the middle of November, and it is colder than the middle of January!  Yes, unbeliebably cold!  Yet, we still donne our winter coats/parkas, mitts/gloves, touques/hats, scarves and boots and brave the great white north!  As we have all learnt over the years, dressing for the cold may not be fashionable, but darn it, I would rather be warm!  It's hard running around showing and measuring homes when it is so cold, but it is what we do, and we will do anything we can to make sure our Clients have extactly what they are looking for.

We, Nikki, our Assistant Lorraine, and myself recently held our first "Great Pie Give-a-Way", to say "Thank You" to our Clients, Friends and Family.  We also held a draw for Air MilesTM, and five of our Clients were the lucky recipients of our Air MilesTM cards! It was wonderful to see, and catch up with so many of our Clients!

Thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support!  And darn, the pies sure were tasty! 

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