Causes and Concerns About Water Damage

Damages from water can be from a variety of causes from storms and flooding to leaking washing machines. This leads to mold and odour problems if not dried out and disinfected right away. This water damage can lead to structural damage which can be a costly repair and can effect your home’s value.

Prevention is your first line of defence. Basics on preventing water damage are:

  • Water supply lines/pipes from washing machines and dishwashers should be regularly inspected. Hoses and connections should be regularly examined. A small leak can cause extensive water damages over time, so repairing them right away is always a good plan.


  • If you have a main floor or second floor laundry, the concern with leaks is even more because of the water damages to both floors and ceilings.


  • Most homes have tank-style hot water tanks, which are prone to leak, more so after a few years of use. The bottom of these style of hot water tanks can rust out which causes major leaks. It is best to have an overflow valve installed which will flow the water to a pipe draining either outside or to a designated inside drain. Another source of leaks would be the water supply line to your fridge, this should also be regularly inspected.


  • Leaks can happen inside the walls or ceilings and are commonly hard to find before there is a lot of damage. Using the proper equipment (Professional) such as an infared camera, to see the signs of moisture and water damage.


  • An often overlooked problem can be the eaves and downspouts. Make sure water is directed away from your home’s foundation. Check the water flow and direction by using your garden hose.


  • Something I haven’t heard of before are water leak detectors. These detectors can be installed at the floor level close to water tanks and inside air conditioning units. There are simple inexpensive models widely available. An alarm will sound when water is detected on the floor near these appliances.
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