Fall Checklist

Now is the time of year to look after all the little things that help keep us warm and snug during our harsh winter months.  Most of the list below can be completed by the average homeowner, however, if you need to call in a professional, do so, it is probably in your best interest and the safety of your Family.

  • Get your mind in the gutters and inspect and clean your gutters and downspouts.
  • Button up your overcoat now is the time to seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping and caulking.
  • Get on top of roof problems and inspect your roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded flashing, or leaky vents.
  • Walks and Driveways, it is best to take this time to inspect and repair damaged sidewalks, driveways, and steps before they are covered with snow and an accident occurs.
  • Drain and winterize outdoor faucets and irrigation systems.
  • To help in keeping dust down in your home clean or replace dirty furnace filters and have your furnace serviced by a professional.  avoiding any mid-winter problems.
  • Fireplaces must be checked for soot or creosote build-up, it is recommended that a reputable chimney sweep should maintain your wood stove.
  • Keep the humidifier humming by keeping the  plates or pads clean to ensure efficient operation.
  • Head-off gas problems and if you have a gas-fired room heater, have it inspected by a professional and perform any routine maintenance recommended by the maker.
  • Keep the wood fires burning brightly and we see wood stoves are making a comeback. To avoid any deadly situations, inspect yours before firing it up.
  • Keep your family safe at home and develop a home safety check and should be an annual ritual in every household. Test smoke and CO monitors, inspect (or install) fire extinguishers, review fire escape plans, and rid your home of old newspapers and other fire hazards.

Now sit back and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home through the Winter months. 


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