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In a recent letter by a noted Winnipeg Lawyer, he spoke of the difference in working with a real estate agent and going it on your own.  There are many on both sides of this debate, those who will say that doing it on their own is the only way to do it, and then we have those who would only use the services of a licensed real estate agent.  When dealing in a private situation, your contact is with your lawyer, and the lawyer charges by the hour, by the phone call, for every fax or phone call, every stamp, photocopy and envelope.  There is a lot of legwork involved with the sale process, this is where your real estate agent comes into play.  Not only does your real estate agent have neighbourhood stats on purchases and sales, they also do all the legwork for you from assisting with financing, being present for home inspections, negotiating your Offer to Purchase for your best interests, and ensuring all documentation is in place for your legal representation to complete the sale/purchase.  It is a well known thought that real estate agents put a huge commission in their pockets, that is untrue.  Your Agent pays for all your advertising (print, social media, internet, WREN, company websites, personal websites), looks after the condo documentation needed for every condo transaction, generally a couple of hundred dollars for the documents, photocopying, faxing and many, many phone calls.  They also keep track of your Offer, as to when financing has to be approved and/or when home inspections must be completed.  A Realtor's day doesn't end at 5 pm, they are available to their clients, morning, afternoon and evening, always available to answer any of your questions or to guide you through the process. 

So there is still the dilema, go private or use an Agent?  Let's take all the second guessing out of your real estate transaction, your Realtor works for YOU, from beginning to end.  And of course CENTURY21 is your only Real Estate connection to Air Miles Reward Miles ... Air Miles and Cathy & Nikki Burgess, at CENTURY21, now that's a great reward!

Cathy Burgess

Cathy Burgess

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