Winnipeg's weather is warming up and so is the Housing market

Very exciting the weatherman/lady is now saying that we might warm up for the weekend. Does this mean that the minus 35 below (with wind chill), that we endured last night is a thing of the past?

On Thursday last week we had the CEO of Century21,Gary U. Charlwood  pay us a visit and he report that Winnipeg has the best market conditions in Canada. He also reported the prediction for the market will remain strong ,at least to end of the summer. Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? Do not wait as the market is right. Also to the buyers there is a lot of homes to look at and really great choices in all areas including the country side. So, call now! Cathy and Nikki Burgess 987-2100.

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Cathy Burgess

Cathy Burgess

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