Cancer is a serious topic but for those who do not know me well, I have cancer.  Cancer is something that just will not go away if you decide to ignore it.  I have a family history of Cancer.  Both my Mom and my Grandmother both had breast Cancer and have had a mastectomy.  My younger sister also has had breast cancer.  I go for regular mammograms and that is how they found my cancer.  Some people don't realize that you can't always feel the lump and sometimes there is no other obvious signs.  It is very important to go for these mammograms regularly especially if you have a family history.  Because of having regular mammograms, my cancer was caught in the early stages. 

It will be ongoing for some time yet.  I am slated for surgery tomorrow again.  Although the lump has been removed, they still have to check the lymph nodes under the arm to see if it has progressed to any other part of my body.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  After that I will be going for radiation, chemotherapy or medications.  I do not know at this time. 

Two great friends of mine, Jade and Faye, recently ran for me in the Run For the Cure.  Jade has been through Cancer herself.  I have had great support from friends, my children and my co-workers.  The Cancer society has already phoned to give me a lot of information.  I am almost on information overboard. 

I will let you know how things are going.

Cathy Morrell

Cathy Morrell

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