Lush Lawns

Great looking lawns don’t just happen - they’re created. When your lawn emerges from winter weather with more splat than spring, getting it into shape may feel overwhelming. With a few simple steps, however it gets easier.

Step one: Rake.
Rake on a sunny day when the grass is dry. Be gentle because the roots are still fragile. Raking removes winter debris and dead grass, separates blades matted down by winter, and helps control thatch.

Step two: Check for bald spots, moss and compaction.
These problems indicate the soil needs aeration to increase the amount of air, nutrients, and water reaching it. This strengthens roots and helps prevent thatch.

Step three: Top-dress your lawn.
Top-dressing improves the quality of the soil, making it more breathable and nutrient rich. It also helps with drainage, evens out small bumps, and stimulates new roots.

Step four: Consider over-seeding your lawn.
Grass thins and tires after a few years. Over-seeding encourages thick growth and discourages weeds. Water lightly every day until the seeds germinate.

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