Alan Shefman's Post City piece on his working towards Yonge Subway Extension.
Act now on subway extension
During the 2010 municipal election, the number one issue for residents in Ward 5 was the Yonge Street subway extension. Yet today, the project continues to be stalled. This is outrageous and unacceptable.

In a unique initiative involving local councillors from three municipalities — Markham’s Valerie Burke, Richmond Hill’s Godwin Chan  and I — we are urging Metrolinx to take immediate action to fund the next stage of the Yonge Street subway extension from Finch Avenue to the Richmond Hill Centre.

We are not asking for the billions of dollars needed to build this project, but rather incremental funding to allow VivaNext to move to its engineering stage. An estimated $150-$200 million is required, a small amount compared to the billions needed for rapid transit.

This project does not need to wait for the Metrolinx funding report, expected in June, or the decision of the Provincial Government to proceed to the next step.

Under VivaNext’s management, the project has completed extensive public consultation and has a provincially approved environmental assessment. The project is ready to move forward.

We cannot stand by doing nothing. By the time the engineering component of this project is completed, there may be funds available to actually start construction. For more information on these issues and others, subscribe to the W5 Update on our City of Vaughan website: I can be reached at (905) 832-8585, ext. 8349, or by email at


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