Cell Phones and Driving

In this day and age with information at our finger tips and the thirst for it quicker then ever, most people cant wait to see who texted them, or facebook or twittered them.  Far too often do i see people talking on their cell phones or worse, texting while driving.


I will not sit here and say i have never done it, but i will say i dont do it anymore.   It seems like all you hear are more people getting hit by vehicles and you cant help but think this has to be because they are more distracted.  whatever happened to look both ways before you cross the street.  instead people are looking down texting or talking and not paying attention to the thousand pound vehicle heading towards them.


Unfortunately even with the new law passed to penalize people talking and texting it doesnt seem to be a deterrent.   The most puzzling thing i see is when people are holding their phones near their chest or chin and talking on it, thinking that this may circumvent the law, it doesnt that will still get you a ticket and points. 


Its just not worth it, their are apps now where u can have texts read out loud without touching your phone, or wait until you are done driving to check your messages.  But most importantly, all new cars now come equiped with bluetooth technology, sync up your phone, dont take the risk.   Would you rather get your text message 5 minutes quicker, or get into an accident and potential injure yourself or someone else. 



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