Sellers: Stage Your Home



According to a reputable staging company, the ten most important things a homeowner can do to stage a house are:

Take Care of the Outside

Remove the garbage, and make sure the grass, trees and bushes are nicely trimmed. This gives it curb appeal.

Invest In Storage

Clear away all unnecessary furniture and store it offsite. Rooms should showcase their intended function. De-clutter.


Remove all your photos and collections. Accent your house and not your belongings.

Bring in the Sunshine

Light is essential in the staging process. Replace burnt light bulbs, add table lamps, but most importantly, bring in the sunshine and the natural light.

Clean Kitchens

De-clutter your kitchen counters to showcase usable space. Remove all magnets and schedules from the fridge. Your kitchen must shine.

Show Closet Space

Pack away off season fashion wear. Keep only the current season wear. Closets must be tidy and spacious.

Beautiful Bathrooms

It is said that kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. Stash away all personal items. Coordinate towels to one or two colors only. Clear the vanities and make your bathroom sparkle.

Give a Fresh coat of Paint

Colours must be neutral. If need be, get a professional opinion about the colours to use.

Dress the Windows

Remove all unused screens from the house. Clean the windows. Make sure your curtains allow enough natural light into the house.

Use a Staging Company

Investing in a staging company increases the chances of the house selling faster and for more money.

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