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A Few Home Staging Tips To Consider When Selling Your


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When deciding to put your home on the market to sell with a Realtor, it is important to consider the appearance and impression that you will make on potential buyers. People that visit your home during showings are deciding if they can see themselves living in your space, before they consider making an offer to purchase. One aspect of the home buying process is getting your house ready for the sale. The following are a few suggestions to consider that will help to make your home more saleable and appealing to potential buyers.

If you have used strong colours in your home, you might consider a fresh coat of neutral paint. Neutral colours often brighten up a space making it appear larger. Additionally buyers or potential home owners like to envision their own taste in colour on the walls, and providing them with a blank canvas can often make a home more appealing.

Buying a home is typically an emotional decision, so de-personalizing is a great idea. Religious articles or family photos should be removed so as not to distract potential home buyers from thinking about who the current residents are. Removing these items takes away a buyers ability to identify with the current homeowner and puts the focus back on their tastes and interests.

De-personalizing is a part of de-cluttering. Removing personal collections and notions also adds to making your home more saleable. Personal items can distract buyers from looking at the features of the home, by getting them lost in the contents of the current owner's interests. Although this may be very difficult for some home owners it can also be a proactive approach to moving. Removing these items into carefully labelled boxes, can make the process of packing a lot easier. This home staging tip is usually more difficult than others in the home staging process-but careful attention to it can result in a better experience for showings on your home, enabling it to sell more quickly and potentially even for a better dollar.

Potential buyers don’t want to walk into a home that could be theirs with a maintenance list. Be sure to go through your home and replace anything that is wearing out; from burnt out light bulbs to leaking faucets, cracked doorbells to missing door knobs. You want to avoid giving any prospective buyer a large or small list of maintenance requirements that need updating or fixing. Fixing up these minor details will allow visitors to leave with a good impression, and avoid a showing where something unfavourable stands out in their mind.

Although ensuring the inside of your home is ready for the sale, the exterior of your home is often the first impression that your home makes to potential buyers and should not be overlooked. That is why curb appeal, or the appearance of the exterior of your home is also significantly important. Be sure that you have maintained your landscaping and made walkways clear of debris. Often a coat of paint and cleaned patio furniture and, or light fixtures, can make a big difference when listing your home for sale in warmer months.

Last but not least, be it inside or outside, ensure that your home looks its best for the sale by giving it a good clean. To give the best impression of your home means that your home should be as clean and tidy as possible. This includes wiping window sills and cleaning panes, high dusting and if you have any carpeted areas; using a critical eye to judge if professional cleaning is required. Try to look at your home as impersonally as possible.

These are a few tips to get you started when listing your home and getting it ready for the sale. I hope that you will try these out for yourself, but keep in mind that home staging is not for everyone. You might try some of these tips and decide that it’s best to use a professional home stager. Using a professional home stager can often alleviate much of the stress in the home selling process. Look to your Realtor for recommendations on a professional home stager that can help to get your home ready to sell.


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