What to do if you own or want to own property in 2014.

Yes it's a new Year...2014...What to do if you own or want to own property in 2014.

Mortgages and lending bank rates are still low compared to other years, and yes the market prices are still stable, but are still moving upwards. Putting off your property purchase for a cheaper day...is not a good plan if you live in Canada or in the Toronto / York Region areas. 

(Fact) We have seen year after year over 250,000 people coming to live in Canada. Do the math, where are they going to live? They all want to own a home eventually and so do you or your family member.

STOP wasting ( value over time ) and thinking its going to go down. I haven't seen a drop over -10% in all my many years of selling Real Estate. In fact look at the table on my main page of my website and the see the yearly increases in the industry collected stats: http://www.johnkennedyteam.com/index.html

Stats - show in 1966 the average price for a home was: $21,360
2012 showed : $497,131
2013 showed : $523,216
Today Jan 4, 2014 average home price: $523,216
Supply and demand....that's the key, more people are coming to Canada, so demand over rides supply. Builders hauled many projects in Global 2010 market slowdown, it takes an average of 5-10 years to plan projects if not more. 

So make 2014 the year for you to own a property if you don't have one. Get into the market is key. ...Get into the property market !. Our parents did it, what were their property prices then, compared to now....That's it...that's the key. "long term planning" Time-Value waits on no man.

Please know I'm here to help ! If you have any questions about mortgages or how to go about buying your home or investing in a rental property...FREE SEMINARS OF GUIDANCE at your home or place of business. Gather a group and lets meet. I will lay it out all for you to understand. FREE 

Thank you in advance for your referrals to your friends and family members.

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