Lake Wilcox Park Waterfront Promenade Plan

The city of Richmond Hill recently released their plan for revitalization of the water front recreation area at Lake Wilcox in the Oak Ridges Lake Wilcox area named the Waterfront Promenade. It includes the already completed Oak Ridges community centre.

As you will see or may already be aware their plans are very extensive and will tremendously add to property values in the area. The properties on Sunset Beach Rd. and the surrounding area have experienced a very dramatic increase in value as popularity of that area has risen over the last couple of years and with the changes being implemented they will continue to increase in value.

This particular area is very closely watched by conservation authority and the city alike to prevent large number of new built homes or division of land parcels. As such there will be no increase in the possibility of number of new properties however there will be a surge of limited number of new custom homes built. This area is very unique and impossible to duplicate elsewhere and as a result it is a very limited opportunity for anyone who would want to own and/or build a home in this area.

I have teamed up with a local reputable builder who has through various sources acquired approximately 20-30 properties within this neighbourhood which are ideal candidate for being demolished to make way for brand new custom made homes tailored to an individul's taste. The first batch of inventory of these water front and ravine lots are either ready to start construction or are at the final stages of approval by various departments of the city or the conservation authority. If you wish to see any of the floor plans or like to take a tour of any of the initial phase properties you can contact to arrange for a tour. Just remember that this is a non duplicable opportunity so act fast. Following are links so you may familiarize yourself with the city project and the area.

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