Pre-packaged Thanksgiving Dinner

Pre-packaged Thanksgiving Dinner


Do you love to host parties, but too tired to cook? Or is it your turn to host Thanksgiving at your place? Regardless of what the reason is, here are some fantastic options for you to choose from no matter what your budget is:

  1. Longos – They usually provide Turkey Kit during the times of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Turkey Kit is $99.99 and serves 4-6 people. A more reasonable price compared to other places. The kit includes: a slow-roasted Longo’s Signature Fresh Turkey, butternut squash, herbed mashed potatoes, poultry gravy, multigrain stuffing and cranberry sauce. They have a set date and time for you to order the Turkey Kit.


  1. McEwan – They have Holiday Menus where you can choose from 3 sizes. They have a small serving for 7-10 people $210, medium servings for 10-14 people $295 and large servings for 15-20 people $399. All items are provided in an aluminum tray for you to re-heat your meals to the desired temperature. Although, McEwan will provide heating instructions as per the chef, so you don’t over heat the items. Their Thanksgiving Dinner Package includes: a whole turkey, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts with caramelized onion and bacon, roasted root vegetables, spun potatoes, McEwan’s own stuffing, bread and a mixed green salad with champagne vinaigrette. You will probably want to place your order once you know how many people are attending, but if not the latest you can order is 2 days before your event. You can pick it up at the store or they can delivery for a charge of $25-30 depending on where you live.


  1. Whole Foods Market – There are a few Whole Foods in Toronto, so no matter where you live, there is one near you. They have a few options to choose from depending on the size of your party and what you’re looking for. They offer individual items or packaged meals. They have: 1) Thanksgiving Turkey Breast Meal for Four; 2) Family Thanksgiving Dinner; 3) Classic Ham Dinner; 4) Deluxe Dinner; or 5) Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner. Depending on which one you order, the price ranges from $29.99-$209.99. They need 48 hours in advance since they are extremely busy and need to be prepared. They do not provide delivery during these busy times, but when you pick up your meal is when you pay also.


  1. Summerhill Market – This is the place where you would want to shop if you want to “Wow” your family and friends if you’re not on a budget!! This place offers you a variety of items that you won’t find at your local Metro, Food Basics, No Frills, etc. They offer many cooked foods ready to go if you plan a last minute get together or your friend just had a baby and you want to bring a basket. If you want to place a Thanksgiving Dinner online, you get a 5% discount. They charge $28.25 per person, so for about 10 people it will cost about $284.50 plus tax. You must order 48 hours in advance and you can only pick up from the store.


  1. Pusateris – Amongst many grocery stores in the GTA, Pusateris offers the finest catering service in Toronto and offers many gourmet items to cater everyone taste buds. They too offer 2 options if you are planning a Thanksgiving Dinner. They have an a la carte Thanksgiving Menu where you can pick and choose what you want or a prixe-fixed menu of $95 or $200 that serves 6-8 people. They too will also need 48 hours in advance to prepare for your order.


Depending on what you are looking for whether you want to please your guests, amaze their palate, or just have a great time with great food, some of the suggested places can do just that. If you have time and don’t like some of the items offered in the packages, you can always make it yourself and just buy certain items.



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