Water Efficiency in York Region

How You Can Make A Difference By Conserving Water At


York Region has a water efficiency program designed to designed to inform residents on how they can conserve water at home or in the workplace, called Welcome To Water For Tomorrow.

Did you know that water and  waste water treatment facilities use up about two thirds of York Region's total electricity consumption? (2007, York Region) This fact shows us how important energy efficiency in York Region really is. The municipality of York Region hopes that through various initiatives and building awareness they can provide residents with tools for water conservation and efficiency without sacrificing their quality of life and contributing to a healthy watershed.

"Through the Water for Tomorrow program, York Region's commitment to reducing municipal leakage has saved more than 8.1 million litres of water per day. This equals 2,956,500 m3 saved each year."

The percentage of water consumption that comes from your bathroom at home equals 65 percent  (Environment Canada and Water Efficiency Master Plan) so updating toilets to a high efficiency toilet 4.8 litre toilet (HET) can save approximately 41 litres of water (averaging about 5 flushes) per person per day. That's a lot of water!

Consider updating your home by changing out old faucets to faucets with a WaterSense® label. This small renovation could mean reducing water flow in your home to 30 percent or more. Even adding an aerator to your existing faucet could save you 3.5 litres of water per minute.

When it comes to making a difference towards improving water consumption and efficiency there are many things that you can do around the home that will equal a big difference. The first step is always being informed and learning about programs offered locally like Water For Tomorrow and discovering the options that you have as a homeowner to make a change. For more information visit the Water For Tomorrow website and learn ways to get started inside or outside of the home click here to download your FREE copy of Water Efficiency An At-Home Guide.




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