Winter Emergency Checklist

How To Make Your Own Emergency Kit: Winter Emergency


Families should consider having an emergency kit in their home. Having essential items to keep a family maintained in the event of a power outage or terrible storm is a great way to be prepared for unforeseen emergencies. An emergency kit is something that is useful in any household. Use or print this list for use to make your own emergency kit at home. Feel free to use your discretion to add items to this list that you and your family might need to prepare your own emergency kit at home.

What to keep in your emergency kit:

 Flashlight(s) (batteries for flashlight)
 Battery powered radio (batteries for radio)
 Long burning candles (matches)
 Toiletries: toilet paper, mouthwash, soaps
 Can Opener (manual)
 First Aid Kit
 Some cash (smaller bills and coins)
 Garbage Bags
 Small tool kit
  A Whistle (to attract attention)
 Duct Tape
 Non-Perishable Food Items




  • Check your emergency kit annually and make sure that foods are not expired.
  • Before foods expire, they can be donated and refreshed. Donating what you haven’t used annually can be a very generous way to give back to your local community.
  • Make sure that your emergency kit is easily accessible.
  • Communicate the location of your emergency kit with all family members.
  • Emergency kits can be stored in an easy to use container, portable container or container with wheels. This makes your emergency kit easy to transport where necessary.
  • Have an emergency kit in your car with similar items. This will help you if you are ever caught in an emergency while out on the road.

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