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 Third Annual Bradford Children's Charity Fund Golf


Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd.'s 3rd Annual Children's Charity Fund Golf Tournament recipient for 2013 is Talon Collett. 

Talon is a vibrant 6 year olf boy who has faced a challenge in his life called Acute Lymphoblastic Lukemia. Diagnosed on September 11, 2009, Talon has endured regular chemotherapy treatments that have needed to be administered on a daily basis orally and in the form of injections.

Although the chemotherapy treatments have currently ceased, they have left Talon with a weakened immune system, as well as other parts of his body. Talon often experiences numbing in  his hands and feet, making mobility a challenge; decreased muscle control, particularly affecting his eyes and vision; thin membranes in the ears, which causes sporadic ear bleeds, and back pain from the lumbar punctures where chemotherapy was administered to aide in recovery. Doctors have told  the Collett family that Talon needs to be re-socialized and taught to be a child again. 

Aside from all of the challenges and changes that Talon has endured, he is looking forward to re-socializing and getting back to a regular life. 

Talon enjoys video games and has a special interest in space and the universe; the sea and sea creatures. He also enjoys singing karaoke with his younger sister Tempest (3 years).

As a result of Talon's diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Lukemia he now also reqires the aide of certified professionals:

  • A Physical Therapist (P.T.) and Occupational Therapist (O.T.) to assist, develop, maintain, and recover his daily living skills. 
  • An Applied Behavioural Therapit (A.B.A.) and Speech Pathologist, to assist him with his High Functioning Autism (H.F.A.)
  • And a Neurologist and Psycologist to aide him with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (P.T.S.S.) and Autism (H.F.A.).

These therapies come at an excessive cost to the Collett family. they require any support possible to help Talon work his way towards the life of an average 6 year old boy. Your support this year would mean so much to the Collett family and Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd. at this year's 2013 Bradford Children's Charity Fund Annual Golf Tournament.

This year the Golf Tournament will be held at The Highland's Golf Club in Bradford, Ontario. Come and join us for a game of golf, lunch and dinner. Other ways to support include, but are not limited to, prize donations and hole sponsorships. Please contact the Golf Tournament Co-ordinator Luis Moniz* with interest. 




  For additional information and sponsorship

opportunities please contact Luis Moniz* at

905 775 5677 ext. 5367

*Sales Representative



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