Recycle Unwanted Electronics Locally; Here's How!

Electronic Recycling

If you have any old or unwanted electronics that you are unsure what to do with-why not recycle them?

On Saturday and Sunday, June 8 & 9 The Windfall Ecology Festival will be returning to Newmarket for its 12th annual year. Held on the banks of the Holland River in Fairy Lake Park in Newmarket, its a great way to spend the day. Things to anticipate include but are not limited to: eco exhibit, local and organic foods, music and entertainment, a natural marketplace and activities for children.

If you are thinking of attending please know that OES or Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program will be on site to collect any unwanted electronics.If you are interested in recycling your electronics safely, please consult the list below from the OES website that indicated which items are accepted.




Phase 2 Products (items added to the program April 1, 2010)

  • Computer peripherals including modems
  • Floor standing printing devices including printers, photocopiers, multi-function devices
  • Scanners, typewriters
  • Telephones and answering machines
  • Cellular phones and pagers
  • PDAs
  • Audio and video players and recorders (eg. MP3, cassette, digital)
  • Cameras (web, digital, analog)
  • Equalizers/(pre)amplifiers
  • Radios
  • Receivers
  • Speakers
  • Turntables
  • Video players/projectors, digital frames
  • Video recorders
  • Personal hand held computers

The Revised (Phase 1 and 2) Program Plan and material definitions came into effect April 1, 2010. The Phase 1 material definitions commenced on April 1, 2009.

Phase 1 Products (effective April 1, 2009)

  • Desktop computers
  • Portable computers
  • Computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, hard drives, optical drives - CD, Blueray, DVD, HD-DVD)
  • Monitors
  • Televisions
  • Desktop printing devices including desktop copiers and multi-function devices

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