TREB Recommends Minimum Qualifications for Home Inspectors

May 6, 2013 -- The Ministry of Consumer Services is currently reviewing minimum qualifications for home inspectors in Ontario. These qualifications would aim to increase transparency of the profession; ensure a minimum standard of training; improve consistency in home inspections and enhance consumer protection.

TREB supports minimum standards for home inspectors. Through Member consultation, TREB has endorsed the following recommendations, which have been passed to OREA for inclusion in the provincial government’s home inspection consultations. The recommendations are:

  1. Increase Transparency of the Profession
    • Home inspectors should be regulated. Specifically, they should be regulated by a self-regulated at arms-length body/agency. This body/agency could be modeled after RECO or Professional Engineers Ontario. In addition, all home inspectors should be required to belong to this regulatory body in order to work as a home inspector in the province.
  2. Ensure a minimum standard of training
    • Home inspectors should be required to have a minimum level of training and/or education.
    • Home inspectors should be required to update their skills, knowledge and training through continuing education.
    • Home inspectors should be required to abide by a code of ethics mandated by the regulatory body.
  3. Improve consistency in home inspections
    • Home inspectors should be required to follow a standardized visual inspection checklist. This checklist should include basic home structures and systems.
  4. Enhance consumer protection
    • Home inspectors should be required to carry valid errors & omissions insurance.

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