Tips to Attract the Highest Offers for Your Home

Tips to Attract the Highest Offers for Your Home 

  Depersonalizing and de-cluttering the house can be one of the most important of all presale activities. Buyers want to imagine themselves in the home and will have difficulty if there is clutter.

 Here are some tips for your home's presale list of "to do's":

  • Remove all personal items like pictures, plaques, trophies etc.
  • Remove items from stairways and hallways to have the space appear larger and for ease of circulation.
  • Remove appliances and other items from kitchen counters to appear more spacious.
  • Keep bookcases, china cabinets and entertainment units clutter free and organized.
  • Remove excess clothes from closets so the closets appear more open and organized.
  • Call charitable organizations to recycle unwanted items.
  • Keep the open shelves simple with only a few items on show.
  • Remove excess furniture and keep rooms looking open and spacious.
  • Organize items on shelves in kitchen and bathroom cupboards, closets and laundry room.
  • Call a stager to help with the decluttering process as sometimes clients can't see the "forest for the trees".
  • Remind client's - "If you haven't looked at it or used it in a few years, then it is time to throw it out or pass it on to someone else".
  • Clean out the garage so there is room for car parking.

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