Easy Smart Packing Tips

Moving can be stressful but if you want to cherish the spirits of moving into the new home following simple tips can ease the pain and get you ahead in the game to move a little easier.

1. Cushioning

While moving always ensure all the delicate expensive glassware is padded well! If you are really looking to save some money instead of the pricy bubble wrap and the newspaper mess next use clothes this is not just easy on the pocket but a great extra padding to transport your important items easily. Long sheets are ideal for plates, bowls and other glassware. For the mugs, glasses socks are best.

2. Placement

While on the move staying organised can be difficult yet, if you place things in the right order not just can you save some energy lifting things, but also will be organised at all times. Instead of a ton of bags use boxes and add labels for easy access.


3. Coding

It’s not easy to remember every little thing that sits in your home at the back of your mind, so if you're organise things in a specific colour code not only can you pack things easily but ease the stress too. To stay hassle free familiarize yourself with the coding to avoid the hassle of opening everything and be specific with the labels.

4. Furniture

A essential as it seems in your new home transporting your furniture can be painful. To stay organised when transporting furniture with clothes like the dresser pull out the drawers let the clothes rest in there securely tape the drawers and you are ready to move without pilling a ton of boxes.


5. Bagging

Travelling with all the mounting tools for the art and decor pieces in your living room can be the most painful moment of moving. To stay as organised as possible when you take down an art piece in a sandwich bag put the nails and all the other tools and don’t forget to tape it at the back securely. This not only comes handy but, also ensures that everything is ready for you at one place.

6. Mattress

This one of the many items that can add to the additional cost if not transported appropriately and can be painful if damaged? Simple tip tightly wrap the mattress in a sheet, so it is

Do you have any other tips to ease the stress? Feel free to share your comments or suggestions. While you’re here, don’t forget to view homes for sale and new listings on Century21President

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