Get Ready Drivers - 2016 is Going to be a Busy Time for Bayview Ave

Get Ready Drivers!

2016 is going to a busy time for Bayview Ave. from Elgin Mills Rd. to North of Stouffville Rd.

I was driving down Bayview Ave. going South from 19th Ave. to Elgin Mills and I saw a familiar scene, yes construction has started.  According to York Region's website the Notice of Commencement issued in December 2015 made way for the start of the road widening project.

This upgrade to Bayview Ave. might be a bit of a headache for drivers for the next couple of years (major construction to be finished Summer 2017), but it sure will be worth it.

The town of Richmond Hill is widening the road from 2 to 4 lanes, including on-street cycling facilities and enhanced environmental features. 


This project will be completed in 3 sections:

For more information on this project or to see the York Region updates please see the following link:

York Region Website


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