Vancouver Stanley Sup Riot 2011- Vancouver fights back!

What happened on Wednesday night, June 15th 2011 here in Vancouver was awful. I couldn't believe it. I was downtown when the riot started and then headed straight home so my downtown residence to watch on the news and most of all stay safe. 

I believe, as does the Media that this was a very small group of arsonists that had premeditated the whole thing. Once they started rioting, young, stupid, hoodlum's who don't even live in the city, and aren't even hockey fans, were drunk and fuelled by testosterone, got involved and the riot broke loose. It was disgusting and SO DOES NOT represent the true Vancouver. These idiots are from the exterior and suburbs and are all mostly in HIGH SCHOOL!!! They have no respect for anything not even themselves. 

In the wee hours in the morning, a large group of TRUE Vancouverites gathered and started cleaning up the mess. There has been a huge response from the people outraged and determined not to let this small group of losers tarnish our great reputation. The streets were filled with volunteers the next day cleaning up the streets. All the boarded up stores frothier store winds being smashed had hand written messages on the boards expressing frustration and love for Vancouver. The city looks back to normal again and even cleaner then before except for some windows that need to still be replaced. Furthemore, people who recognize some of these idiots from all the photos posted have come forward and turned them into the VPD. The response on Facebook is crazy!!! So many of these morons had posted comments about being involved in the riots and as soon as they did, were caught and charged!!! Check out this link 

I hope this has answered some questions and concerns about Vancouver. I LOVE my city and we as a community are coming together to stand up against these rioters and show them we will NOT stand for this type of behaviour! 

I am proud to be from Vancouver and am Proud of our Vancouver Canucks, hello they made it to the Stanley Cup finals!!! Go Canucks go!

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