Be Winter Ready

Nobody likes to think about it but it's coming, WINTER!!!  In this province being ready is probably one of the most important items on your fall list. Below are some items you might want to consider on the top of your list. Be winter wise and prepare.

  • Flashlights and batteries; candles are not a wise choice, because in bad weather you can have a fire and no one can reach you.
  • Plenty of blankets.
  • A safety kit for your car, consisting of shovel, sand or cat litter for traction, tire chains, booster cables, a cell phone, extra warm clothing or boots, an ice scraper, small tools, winter sleeping bag or blankets, snack food, water, flashlight with good batteries, matches and newspapers, games and toys, zip-top bags (for elimination if stranded), and a 12-volt adapter coil heater that can plug into the lighter to heat water.
  • Salt or sand for treacherous sidewalks.
  • Safe, radiant space heater (no open coils).
  • Fan for fireplace that blows heat into the room and does not suck it up the chimney.
  • Supplies of medicine to last a few days at least.
  • The phone numbers of older or disabled neighbors, just in case.
  • Clean out gutters 
  • Make sure any drain holes in your door wells are clear.
  • Check those winter tires especially the studs if you have studded tires.
  • Plenty of propane, your propane fireplace can operate without electricity. Propane may also be used for a  cooking source but remember do not lite a bbq in a non-vented area. The fumes will cause sever harm and even death.
Charles Harris

Charles Harris

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