Its Coming!!!!! SPRING

Hold On Tight! It's around the corner.  Wonderful time of year: snow is going, trips are being taken and buds are coming out on the trees. Many things to keep in mind: grass to fertilize, flowers coming up, snow tires to take off and hot tubs to clean out.

It's also a time to stretch, move and get out for a walk. Shake off the aches and cracks from being indoors all winter. Many things come to people's minds this time of year and the one large thought is "Do I sell???"

Don't jump the gun and make a hasty decision. Maybe the home you are in is the the right home for you. Take a second look. Really take a look. Maybe if you remodel, renovate a section, change your gardens or build a garage, you might discover that your home is the home you are searching for.

Funny thing to read a blog by a Realtor and they are telling you to stay put. Real estate is not about telling people to sell. It's about helping people make the right decisions and maybe, just maybe the house you are in now is the right decision. 

If that is the case then maybe you can take advantage of the equity you have to renovate, buy a rental or maybe pick up a summer home and better yet, a house south for the next winter that is coming.

Keep in mind, always think about your options. Anytime you want to discuss your home's value, please send me an email and I can discuss by phone, email or a visit. Maybe you know someone that is selling-I certainly appreciate referrals and have a great vacation program to offer you for all those referrals.


Happy Spring-it is coming.

Charles Harris

Charles Harris

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