For some reason negativity seems to be so much easier to express then happiness. And Why???

Everyone in life has been impacted in someway by loss, grief, financial stress, turmoil, health problems or just plan old “not a good day” but it takes strength from inside to preserver and yes I could throw that old cliche at you “someone has it harder then you” however that does nothing because your concerns are Mount Everest compared to everyone else’s.
Find ways to deal with it, meeting people, talking, hobbies, work, best friends, look at things from another angle, be outside the box and stop being negative!!!. Do you get out of bed in then morning and say ‘dam!!!! another day I’m alive!!!”. I’m happy that my feet are able to hit the floor and grateful that my family is able to do the same. I am sure there are people who do make that statement however their issues are far deeper then the average complainer.
No you don’t have to be happy with the decisions made by people or with the choices you have to make. You don’t have to be happy with changes but you should be happy that you have the ability to make a decision and the ability to have a choice!!!
So instead of being a "gather around the coffee pot complainer". Pick yourself up and look at all angles and find a solution to deal with your issue because it is your issue that you have to deal with, you have the problem with the situation.
So change it!!!!
Charles Harris

Charles Harris

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