Should I stay or should I go???

That question seems to be a big dilemma for a lot of home owners, "Should I stay or should I go?" or "Do I renovate?"

It's not a question of should I - it's a question of "Do I have the right equity in my home to make the changes I want to do? (whether that is to move or renovate)".

Renovating can cost you in a big way. You decide to make changes to your home. Does your home warrant the value? will it actually increase your value? will you be the most EXPENSIVE home on the street? (and that is not a good thing). These are just some of the thoughts that you should be considering.

In regard to moving, do you have the equity to make the move or is the timing actually right. People get confused by media and by experts that discuss national market conditions questioning "is it going to bust?".

What people don't think about is their own personal situation. For example, if you purchased your home 2 months ago do you think you should move? do you think you are getting your money back? Think Again!!! If you purchased your home 4 years ago, will you get your money back? I would be very surprised if you didn't and if you don't, then you let your house run down around your ears. With regular maintenance and upkeep, you would  be able to sell your home and make money, no doubt in my mind and I can prove it.

Real estate is a simple concept: selling, buying, buying rentals or renovating. Let's sit down and have a look at your situation. I'm not going to force you to move and nobody can; however, let's look at your options. Choices, that's what it is all about and talking to an expert will give you the choices that you can make.

Moving or renovating is not meant to be stressful. A little guidance is what everyone needs. I am sure in your chosen profession, you give guidance. This is my chosen profession, let me help you.

So before you jump, its a simple meet, greet, discuss and you decide when your ready and guess what, it's free!!!!


Charles Harris

Charles Harris

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