Are Toronto Condos going to Go Down?

I have always been nervous about condos.What do I know? I only lost 1 Million in the crash of '89.

Nobody saw THAT coming! We had a few really good years up till then.

The Guys who lost the most were the speculators in CONDOS. You couldn't GIVE them away in the early '90's..

Don't believe me? Ask anyone who was around. I dare you. Try it. Beware - you might get scared.

Lots of people went bankrupt. Even Donald Trump. And the Reichmans! (Yes!)

This time could never be THAT bad!! No need to worry.

After all - prices have been going up in Toronto for ONLY 10 YEARS.

The REST OF THE WORLD has crashed, but - not Toronto.

WHEW - Close call.


If you are even a little nervous about your investment, well, maybe you should be.

It's logical -as Mr. Spock would say -that maybe, just maybe - you're skating on Thin Ice. Nobody knows the Peak of the market until AFTER.

THE GOOD NEWS - I'm here to help.

*Call Me for a Free list of recent SALE PRICES*

Yeah yeah there are thousands of us out here, us hungry obnoxious controlling greedy overpaid REAL ESTATE AGENTS.

We're not all the same.

I have a lot of experience under my belt. I know you want to KEEP every dollar of your investment. Are you selling privately? Good Idea. Lots of Buyers around. You might get lucky.

And if you've tried for some time now, you might be wondering how we agents sell property so fast. Here is the ONE REASON: Buyers LOVE us! We do all the work for them. We guide them. They TRUST us.

At least 90% of all residential sales are made through Realtors. You're going after the other 10%. No wonder it's taking forever.

*Call Me for a Free list of recent SALE PRICES*

And Why would a buyer look at private sales instead of the selection available on MLS? Maybe they're just lookers who can't afford it. I remember test driving used Corvettes when I was a teenager. I couldn't afford it! But I really wanted one, and it was fun!

Could it be they think they will save money? They won't - because you are putting the money that would normally go to a realtor for finding that buyer - in your own pocket. Good for You! Sometimes that works. The question is: "HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE?"

Here's the point (you knew it was coming.) Call Me. I want your business. I know secrets to selling that most realtors don't. All Top Selling Veterans of this business know some.

It's called experience. Plus: Listening to You and doing exactly what You want. Nothing more, nothing less.

Best of All: IF YOU sell it yourself while I am working on it? - no fee to me. Nothing.

Please call me so we can lock in your profit now, before something changes.

Sweet dreams. I hope we all wake up tomorrow and nothing's changed.

(and we know there are some changes coming).

*Call Me for a Free list of recent SALE PRICES*

Charles Smith
Sales Rep.
Century 21 P. Fulton

cel dir 416 839 9614

ps -I have a bonus - 2000 Air Miles Reward Miles to all my sold clients responding to this ad! cheers!


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