Is Scarborough - Scarberia - a Safe Place to Live ?

Is Scarborough a safe place to live? I have been asked that question so many times I think I know the answer...YES!

So why does 'Scarberia' get such a bad rap?

 How did Scarborough get this nasty reputation as a dark netherworld of drugs shootings, random acts of violence etc that were Kurt Russell to visit here, he would want to make a sequel to 'Escape from New York', and 'Escape from LA' called: 'Escape from Scarborough"'?

As a native Scartown dweller I can answer some of these questions.

Hopefully with a little clarity us Scarborough dwellers will no longer endure scorn at parties upon admitting where we live. (just watch the expression of horror on their faces at that critical moment. Make sure you have your cel-phone camera ready) lol

Once upon a time the notion of guns in Toronto was a fantasy. That all ended some time in the mid 1980's when some citizens of the city obtained these weapons and began using them on each other. Unfortunately they were all living in one part of the city, which is still suffering because of it today.

At the time the media reported these activities as occurring in 'Scarborough'.

By repetition, this area became to be thought of as if it was a no-go zone within the city. Scarborough residents complained that although 'Jane and Finch' in North York was also recognized as a place with a certain amount of bad activity, no media reported events there as being in 'North York" like they were being reported in 'Scarborough', when an event happened at, say, Galloway and Kingston Rd.

In fact standing at the corner of Jane/Finch is no different than standing at any other intersection in the suburbs. There are just a few bad people that live or have lived there, and they are in a tiny minority.

It is true that poor urban planning has resulted in long unsightly strip malls in Scarborough. But these are now becoming appreciated for their mix of eclectic and unusual stores. Like Cedar Heights Plaza. In the parking lot on summer weekends there is a bbq, with Caribbean music. How about Kingston Rd? Stores selling stuff you didn't know existed.

There is also an industrial component in the landscape due to scattered factories and warehouses. But this is true of many other parts of the city. Scarborough is so spread out -it is the largest of the old boroughs- that visitors seem to think it is endless.

Then there is the Scarborough landscape. Endless. Open. Confusing and homogenous, to the un-initiated.

There really is no 'Downtown' here. That is a drawback. A central focus point would lure visitors, and encourage a larger Arts community. No wonder visitors feel it's too bland here . But bland works.

 We have the scenic bluffs, with its upscale neighborhoods, Rouge Beach and the amazing Rouge Park.  The Zoo. Fabulous ravines and parks, many with trails that go for miles. Nature at its finest.

The Barenaked Ladies started here. And Paul Tracy. Jim Carrey lived at Markham and Finch. There are many others.

Crime in Scarborough is no more than many other parts of the city. That's been proven.

Many homebuyers have discovered Scarborough as a great place to raise a family. And very affordable. Without the lengthy commute to even farther-out parts of the gta.

In short there is no reason not to live in Scarborough. Unless you want to pay more for your home, and/or want to spend more time on the road getting to and from work each day!

The typical Scarborough home has at least a 40 ft lot, is brick, quality built, and a short walk to schools and TTC.

And they the most affordable homes in the GTA

In the future, these homes will skyrocket in value, as this location, the quality of life here, and the short commute downtown will become more apparent to the un-believers.

To discuss buying or selling a home here, please give me a call.

I am a native Scarberian -- and Proud!


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