Unfair Monopoly must be STOPPED!!

This is a call -out to all those coffee drinkers fed up with the 'TIM HORTON'S MONOPOLY'.

Whenever we consumers are out looking for a good cup of coffee to satisfy our need while on the move, we are inevitably confronted with TIM'S everywhere we look!

Rival donut shop owners have complained for years that the consumer is choosing TIM'S over their products, simply because their products are  NOT SOLD at TIM HORTON'S!

"We think the monopoly on coffee sales has hurt competition" says a rival Donutier who didn't want his name published. "The consumer should be allowed a choice. We feel that since 90% of all coffee sales are made at TIM HORTON'S that we should be allowed to sell our coffee there too.

"The consumer must have a choice, and not be forced to buy only TIM's coffee at TIM'S simply because  90% of coffee sales are made there."

"It is the best, most popular, served fresh, hot and it is the #1 choice of coffee drinkers in Canada, however consumers should have a choice of other Donut Shops' coffee when they arrive at a TIM'S," he said.

Rival coffee shops have recently started to refer to TIM'S as the 'TLS' meaning Tim's Licking Service, apparently in reference to the controversy over the 'MLS' alleged monopoly in the real estate industry. (Multiple Listing Service).

"We wil be complaining to the Competition Bureau' said the aforementioned Donutier.

"Just like in MLS, 90% of the consumers are choosing one preferred product - TIM'S, and that is not fair.

"There is other coffee out there, and other ways to get coffee. "We feel we should have access to TIM'S, and place our coffee alongside theirs -- right in the store. "

It just is not fair that when a consumer pulls into a TIM HORTON's that OUR coffee is not available."


----with files from Charles Smith

Sales Rep,Century21 P. Fulton

416 839 9614

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