Mention Everything!

If your home is in a desirable part of town and has many extras it can be easy to list and will entice many buyers.  But what happens when you are in a smaller home with less special features?

When you are selling your home it is usually for a reason, too small for your family, no storage, small backyard, and so on.  What you need to realize is that some buyers are coming from rentals where they had no back yard or lacked all kinds of storage.  Take a step back and remember what made you buy the house to begin with.  Those positive points are what will help you sell your house to the next buyer.  Highlight things that will allow your house to shine when put up next to the competition.

Here are a few things that buyers love that many sellers forget to mention:

1) Senior Friendly - Is your home smaller?  Is there few to no stairs?  Things you might consider a downfall could actually be just what some people are looking for.  The aging population could be searching for a smaller home with limited stairs and perhaps a main floor master bedroom.  

2) Energy efficient or eco-friendly - Many people have features that make their home more enery efficient or eco friendly but because you believe they are cheaper additions, you don't advertise it.  Make buyers aware of these additions, you never know when you will find a buyer who values this small add ons!

3) Organization - If you have taken the time and money to put in closet organizers or any types of shelving, make sure to mention it.  Buyers want "move-in ready" homes and having those organization shelving units make the home more appealing.

Mention everything!  Always remember that it only takes one special feature of your home to make your house stand out and jump to the top of your buyers list!

Cheryl Hyland

Cheryl Hyland

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