Tips to "De-Pet" Your Home for Viewings

Most people I know with pets, love them and treat them like part of the family.  You probably adore your pets.  When you are selling your home unfortunately a lot of pet issues will come up.  Buyers are sometimes crazy pet lovers while others will be turned off by any signs of pet ownership.

Here are some tips to keep both buyers and your fur-babies happy!

1) Keep your pets out of the house when you are showing it.  Even if your pet is friendly, lots of people are scared or uncomfortable around any animals.  Also remember the stress it puts on your pets when strangers are walking through their home and you are not there.

2) Plenty of buyers will have allergies.  Consider buying an air spray that can help remove and neutralize any pet odours.  

3) Consider a pet kennel or doggy day care.  You may not always be available to get your pet out of the house on short notice if you are working or away for a day.

4) It's always a good idea to let people know that they will be viewing a pet friendly home.  This way they will be more forgiving if there are some smells or dander.

As much as we love our pets, the reality is that the presence of pets can affect the buyer's first impression of your home.

Cheryl Hyland

Cheryl Hyland

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