What are People Looking for in a Realtor?

I just wanted to share some thoughts on what I have heard and what I believe people are looking for in a Realtor. As far as priority goes, that probably would be different for everyone. It is my goal to achieve everyone of these traits and I would like to preface all of these as representing one word; EXCELLENCE.

1.  Honesty/Trustworthy. Someone who is genuine and doesn't hide relevant info from their client.

2. Available. Being available when I have questions or just need some advice.

3. Caring. Cares about me genuinely and thinks of ways to show it.

4. Resourceful. Is able to think outside of the box.

5. Hard Worker. Willing to work hard in order to get the job done.

6. Respectful.  Is respectful and considerate at all times.

7. Helpful. Looks for ways to make the transaction easier.

8. Negotiating Skills. Knows how to make a deal come together.

9. Time Manager. Makes priorities and keeps them.

10. Adheres/Faithful. Adheres to Code of Ethics and faithful to clients.

11 Cooperative. Shows cooperation with clients, other Realtors and 3rd parties in a team effort.

12. Fair/Conscientious. Provides services with fairness and attentiveness.

13. Promotes and Protects. Protects best interests of their clients.

14. Reasonable Knowledge, Skill, Judgement. Provides opinions, advice or information.

There are many more traits that I could mention, but I will leave that now up to the reader to consider for now.

I would invite your feedback.

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