Can I Sell In The Winter?

You want to sell your house. The holiday season is upon us and the long winter months have taken hold. You’re now wondering if you should wait until that Spring thaw that brings on the heat …of the market.

You’re probably thinking to yourself that no one sells their houses in the winter because there are no buyers and we will get less for our home than if we wait until the Spring.

If this is what you think, you should take a look at these key points that you may not have thought about.

1. No one is looking for houses in the winter. This is not necessarily true. There may be fewer buyers out there, but those that are looking tend to be more serious buyers. Why else would someone dig themselves out, brush and scrape their car’s and drag a Realtor out and about if they weren’t serious about buying.

2. I will get less for my home than if I wait until Spring. Well, this may or may not be true. The fact is the market will dictate that, not the climate. But consider that there are more houses that go on the market in the Spring. That means more competition. This means more homes just like your home competing for the buyers who are looking for a home just like yours. You know the saying about big fish in a little pond right?

3. But I won’t be able to decorate for the holidays? The response to this is why not? In fact, decorate it fully, completely and wonderfully! Make it the best decorate home on the block. A home can look wonderful, inviting and simply beautiful when tastefully decorated for the holiday’s. In fact, light up the sign on your front lawn too and make your home really stand out.

Plus, think of those holiday soirée’s. Make sure they happen at your house so you can show of the décor and of course your wonderful home.

4. If my home doesn’t sell, it will be market stale by Spring. This may be true but there are methods to use to lessen this as a problem. If the house was listed all winter and didn’t sell, it was likely due to the price being too high. You may want to look at a small price reduction to bring it to light with new buyers, and of course, take new marketing pictures with the Spring bloom taking hold of your property. Someone who may have seen and passed by your home a hundred times online, may now pause for a second look in its new light.

5. My house doesn’t look as good in the winter as it does in the summer. This is true of most properties, unless you have that killer view that has a larger impact without the leaves in the way. But, you have an opportunity to make the inside more inviting. People are cold in the winter. Taking a moment to make your home warm, soft lighting that shows well, a fire in the fireplace, flickering candles and the comforting smells of cinnamon and baking can go a long way to making someone feel peaceful and cozy and feeling like they’re home already.

There are many things to consider when putting your home on the market at any time of the year. These are some tips of why you don’t need to wait.