Get Ready for Spring

Spring really is coming, believe it or not.  We have been very spoiled the last few years, with the warmer weather and less snowfall that we are used to.  Remember the 1970's?  I sure do!  My younger brother and I would play out in the cold bright sunshine sliding down the side of the road side snowbanks and digging tunnels  (I know - dangerous!!)  We would lay outside on the ground in our snowsuits and mittens and scarves at night making snow angels and watching our cold white breath try to hide the millions of stars in the clear winter sky.  We would  pretend to be trackers and follow mouse tracks by moonlight through the field.  Oh to be that young and carefree again....  As I get older, I prefer warmer climates and anxiously await the robin's call to say "spring is here, come on outside"! 

It's a time I start to feel more energy and all those jobs that need to get done start looking doable.  I remind myself if I get them done now, I'll have all summer to be outdoors where I prefer to be.  Here's just a short list of some of the spring jobs we probably all need to do around our homes and property:


1.Windows - Your windows take center stage once the weather changes from cold to warm. Begin thinking about whether you will wash them yourself or hire someone to tackle the job. If you choose to hire someone, you'll want to make an appointment now before they become booked solid. Consider what window treatments you will use. Undoubtedly, you will want to switch to a lighter fabric and different color value that is more conducive to springtime.


2.Carpets / Flooring - Our floors take a real beating during the winter months. Whether you have carpet or hard wood, or whatever, chances are your floors could use some tender loving care. Again, will you tackle the job yourself or hire someone? And, once your floors are cleaned, consider using runners to keep the dirt from foot traffic to a minimum.


3.Outdoor living area - It doesn't matter what the square footage of your outdoor space is; what matters is that you make the most of it. Take a look at your outdoor furniture and determine what kind of care is necessary before you use them or if you need to start fresh with new pieces. If you have a fence, what kind of maintenance does it require? Who will cut and take care of your grass this year? If you have a wood deck, does it need to be stained?


4.Gardens - Boost your curb appeal. Begin planning your color scheme and the flowers you will plant this spring. Read up on the different flowers and plants and do something different this year.


5.Roof / Gutters - Ice (which can cause damage to roofs and leaks in the home), leaves, you name it, it could be up there. Hire a professional to clean them. This will help your curb appeal a great deal, too.


6.Foyer - The foyer of the home tends to be neglected and used as a pass through space. But, during warm weather, people linger a little longer. So, be sure to enhance the look of your foyer. Resist using it as a place simply to drop keys, mail, and take off shoes.


7.Entertainment Area - Company's coming. People are just more social during warmer months. Is your entertainment area inviting? Maybe now would be a good time to de-clutter and organize the space.


These are just a few projects you can begin before spring. Instead of looking longingly at the calendar wishing spring would hurry up, take this time to think about these projects so that when spring does arrive your home will be ready.


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