Homeowners- Continued......

Today I want to thouch on the topic of home insides- the guts of any house, apartment or any other housing unit.  I don't think it's a stretch to say that we all want to stay warm in the cold weather, dry in the wet weather, and generally feel safe in our own homes.  So, after all that, we need to make sure that our home is built and/or renovated in a way that leaves anyone around safe from water, cold, heat, and fire. Most people don't know or understand the value of good construction, they just take it for granted. 

Moving into your own home should be an exciting time, not a worrysome one!  Finding the house empty and noticing cracks, holes in the oddest places may make some fret about making the right decision.  More often than not, these minor blemishes are just that, showing that your new home needs some tender loving care.  Most homeowners neglect their homes at times.  Every building, in our geographical area (with our distinct seasons) is in a constant state of change-either warming, cooling or drying.  Weather is what it is, and we need to be alert for effects that weather has on our home.

Next time we'll deal with some specific situations that are most common to new owners, especially those who purchase homes built before the mid 1980's. Til then, catch me at Century21 Choice Realty here in Sault Ste. Marie-howie.bowes@century21.ca; century21.ca/howie.bowes;

705-297-1111.  Ciao for now!!