Monthly Market Update : March

March Monthly Market Update

Well I'm a bit behind this month. March came in like a lion both in weather and the market. In other words, we've been busy.

So, what has the market been saying since the kick-off to 2014? 

January 2014 saw a slight decrease in overall sales as compared to the previous two years. There we 63 total units sold as compared to 92 in 2013 and 83 units in 2012.

February however we saw a slight jump in sales across the district. February 2014 sales were at 81, ahead of 74 in 2013 and 79 sold units in 2012.

Real Estate professionals across the district are predicting a very busy Spring season ahead as we are all busy meeting with home owners now in preparation to list within the next month or two.


How are listing prices? In one word, steady.

There has been some fluctuation over the previous two years but overall listing prices have remained pretty steady.

January 2014 had an average list price $170,200 as compared to 2013's average of $167,749 and $156,713 in 2012.

February we came down a bit with an average list price of $150,528 as compared to $166,328 in 2013 and $143,787 in 2012.

We are predicting list prices to remain relatively steady thoughout 2014 as they compare to the previous two years.





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